Finding cheap flights is essential to travelling often and on budget. The airfare easily takes 2/3 of your travel budget, if not done right. However, if you’re not limited to certain dates and are flexible to destinations, you can find insane deals and book flights so cheap, that you can afford to go away more than once a year.

In this post I’m going to show you some of my favourite sites and tools to conquer amazing flights, plus what you should do, if you are able to book the infamous ERROR FARE and what you should NOT do!


Let’s start with SEARCH ENGINES:

There are hundreds of websites out there, that promise you to find the best deals available. No worries you don’t need to check all of them, everytime you want to go on holidays.

If you use Skyscanner and Momondo, you’re good to go. They cover all of those other search engines as well and you have less effort, finding good deals.

The biggest player on the market though, is Kayak. A great tool, where you find super deals on flights, hotels, rental cars etc. . But my favourite on their site is Kayak Explore. This is perfect, when you only know, that you have holidays on a certain date, but no idea yet, where you should go, or where to the cheapest flights will be. You enter a Departure Airport and a date/month when you want to go on holiday. The map will show you how much flights are to all destinations around the world on your dates from your starting point. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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When it comes to hotel booking tools I prefer Not necessarily solely for booking, but also for getting an idea, what kind of hotels/hostels there are and how much a night will be for my budget. If you book some stays with, you’ll get a Genius Account and will get tons of discounts and pay less on each booking. Another reason I love it. I saved tons of money that way. Plus, it’s just simple and effortless.


Now let me tell you about Error Fares. Maybe you have heard of it before and you’re not sure what exactly it is, or you have heard from a friend, they have found an utterly cheap flight to your dream destination and you can’t believe it’s true. Well, it’s possible.

First of all, What is an ERROR FARE?

The term “Error Fare” basically explains itself, an error for a certain fare. Nowadays, the flight business is the busiest travel sector in the world. Everyday millions of tickets are issued, confirmed, canceled, rebooked etc.

All of these tickets, fares and flight prices are handled by complicated computer software, travel agents or the airline itself. So there is no 100 % definition, as to how an Error Fare can occur, because it can happen in so many ways.

Usually behind all the software and systems, that calculate flight prices, there’s a human putting extra charges like fuel charge, airport tax or other fees into the system and they’re not added correctly to the final price. But search engines instantly show them automatically on their sites and it could take some while until travel agents or airlines are alerted. This is one of the most common ways for error fares to pop up.

There are blogs and nerds out there with specialised software, that alerts them to possible error fares. Some of my favourites are – My favorite

Other blogs worth mentioning are – A blog dedicated to collecting miles, but they also know many of the Error Fares first.


Go ahead, take a look at those sites and try your luck, but be careful. Some error fares are only available on a sketchy, unreliable booking site, that has hidden charges. (For example, take care of ..)

It often helps to google “booking site + experiences”. You will see instantly if the site is reliable or if other traveler had major problems with them. (If you’re not sure, ask me.)

If you book an error fare directly through an airline, you are usually save from any scams. BUT. If you are actually able to book an error fare. Do not get to excited. You have to wait until you have been issued an electronic ticket. That means the airline actually put you into their system and you are confirmed and ticketed on your flight.

What I’m telling you is, that if you book an Error Fare, the airline still can cancel your ticket for no reason. And often, they are trying to do it. For example, last year I had booked, through one of the mentioned blogs above, 4 First Class Tickets from London to San Francisco for a whopping 75 Euros each. This is literally the most insane Error Fare, that has ever occurred. This Error Fare went around the internet like fire and everyone tried to book it. It even made the evening news in the US. The Airline from America wasn’t amused. After all, they canceled all those flights and gave the money back to all those, who were already looking forward to the best deal of their lives.


3 steps to follow, after you book an Error Fare.

#1 You have booked an Error Fare. Well done! Now, DO NOT contact the airline or your travel agency. Otherwise they will be alerted and find ways to take the flight out of their system. It can often take up to several days until you get e-Tickets. Just wait. And pray.

#2 Check your email account for Confirmation Emails all the time. Check the Blog’s Posts again, if they mentioned any update or have any new information about the Error Fare. (Usually they have.)

#3 You have received your e-Tickets and are officially on the flight. Congrats! Now, and only now, you start planning your adventure and book additional stuff like hotels etc.


Searching the internet for Error Fares is very exciting and the rush I felt during booking insane flight fares is incomparable. Obviously you can’t tell, where those flights will head, but if you’re flexible, you’ll have several adventures lined up for sure.


Some Error Fares I have scored so far are

Berlin-Colombia for under 250 EUR,
Vienna – NYC 220 EUR,
Dubai-Australia for about 400 EUR,
Vienna – Belgium 20 EUR
Vienna – Auckland 193 EUR

.. hopefully many more soon!

I hope this helps you to find some amazing deals and if you have any questions I’m happy to answer them all or if you need help just let me know! I’m here!

Happy travels,