The biggest misconception about travelling is, that it is expensive. Sure you can book tremendous airfare tickets and stay in major hotels at peak season, but if you are flexible and read some travel blogs that know, where you find amazing travel deals, anything is possible. That said, I had a ticket that took me around CGN-TXL-EWR-BOG-IAH-FRA for under 200 euros. It doesn’t get any better than this.


Early Morning flight VIE-CGN

I flew to Cologne in the morning and originally had planned to take a train into town to check out the city during my 5 hour layover, but a couple days before my trip I received a notification, that my flight was scheduled earlier. I received 25 euros compensation from Air Berlin and my little tour to town was cancelled and I was stuck at the airport for 2 hours.


Cologne from above

After arriving at the ugly Berlin- Tegel Airport I took a bus to the hip quarter Kreuzberg, where I decided to stay this time. Checked in at ‘Come Backpackers’ Hostel and went off to see some stuff I haven’t seen on my previous visit to Berlin. The Fall of Berlin Wall reached its 25 years mark only a couple days after my visit, therefore the city was clustered with helium-filled white balloons at the exact positions the wall has been. Being there during the festivities would have been really cool, but at least I got to see all the preparations!


Terrace view from the hostel in Kreuzberg

It has been a long day for me already, so I stayed in at the hostel, cooked dinner and was excited to get about 8 hours of solid sleep until my 4.30 am wake up call to catch a ride to the airport for my flight to the US. I stayed in a 16-people dorm. Well, that has been a wonderful idea. Around 1am some weird aussie girl has been in exceptional party mood and tried to motivate all of us sleepers. The guy above me shushed her pretty harsh, because she just wouldn’t stop. It seemed that it even motivated her more and god knows how, but all of a sudden she had a beamer and a laptop including dvds right next to her and proposed we could all watch a movie together. She put a linen over the only empty bed in our dorm and asked around what kind of movie we wanted to watch. At this point, it got ridiculous. I was seriously baffled. The guys on the other side of the room were considering to drag her out of the room or straping her to the bed. I think it wouldn’t have stopped her. I was more confused by the fact, that she had a full working beamer there in a split second. Anyway, after some serious shouting from my roommates and some crazy laughing and arguing from her, it got quiet and everyone went off to bed again, even little aussie girl. I couldn’t sleep anymore and lay 2 or 3 hours awake in bed. Then it was me, who woke everyone up, with my really noisy, really bothering iPhone clock. I left quickly and was US bound.

My TXL – EWR flight was smooth and I slept probably the whole flight. Since Newark Airport is in New Jersey, it is an journey itself to get to Brooklyn. Train to Penn station in Manhattan, changing to the metro to Brooklyn and then walking for a bit and I finally arrived at the New York Loft Hostel. It was my 6th visit to New York and Brooklyn has been the only borrough I never really visited, plus I love lofts, so staying there was a no-brainer.


Nice lofts in Brooklyn

I had only one day in NYC so I planned to walk around the artsy part of Brooklyn and see some Street Art and meet my friend Michael from MichaelWTravels. (Definitely check out his site ‘’. He is the most traveled person I know personally) We had a relaxed evening filled with mouth-watering burgers, fine beers and caught up on our travels. Back in the hostel it was another early time for bed and way too early I was off to JFK for my flight to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.