I believe life is about experiences, moments and the people you meet along the way. In the “Inspiring Travelers” Interview series we get to know people, who are pursuing real life experiences and inspire others to live life.

Today we get to know Thor’s story and his Saga.

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Tell us a little about yourself, Thor!

My full name is Torbjørn which translates to Thor-bear. I’m from December 1978.
I was born in Denmark of Scandinavian parents and soon after I was lifted up and carried to North America before returning home to Denmark years later. In Denmark I did my school and then my military service before finding my feet within shipping and logistics in the private sector. In the end of 2009 I became an independent businessman and after years of working on other peoples projects I have been able to create my own.

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Is there a certain inspiration, which motivates you on a daily basis? Which one?

I’d have to say that my motivation shifts around a lot. I’m a fairly stubborn man and I don’t think I could live with myself if I gave up after having come this far. So that is a part of it.
I also want to deliver on my promise to the Danish Red Cross and the cause is good. So that sometimes keeps me going.
There’s a bit of ego in this too. I want to be the first man to visit every single country in the world in a single unbroken journey – completely without flying!
And then there’s something I never anticipated. Some people derive strength from the Saga to their own personal struggles in life. It’s unbelievable to hear how much my “keeping on” means to complete strangers. So what kind of message would I send by quitting? Can’t do that.
Finally the world deserves better than what it gets in everyday media. So I’ll keep looking for the good in order to counter balance some of all the negatives we need to hear everyday.

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One sentence to describe you best 

An adventurous renaissance man with a plan 😉

If you would be
 a city, which one would you be? And why? 

I’d like to be a town if that’s okay? I’d pick Arrow Town in New Zealand. A place surrounded by the woods and rivers. A place with whiskey and fireplaces. A town with stonewall houses and where everyone knows everyone. A town with a history and with a soul.

What are the biggest obstacles in your (nomadic)lifestyle?

I see myself moving through a tunnel of countries with my home country waiting for me at the end. As such I have placed myself in a voluntary exile from home and that is hard at times. But perhaps the hardest thing is to meet so many great people only to have to say farewell again and again…and again…

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Why is travelling so important?

It helps us become who we are meant to be. Some travel physically and some travel mentally. But we must all travel to develop.

If you would try to inspire someone to travel, what tip would you give to that person?

I’d tell them that a stranger is a friend you’ve never met before. I’d tell them that they do not need to be a millionaire to cross borders, meet people, discover cultures and make new friends.

Tell us about an inspiring travel experience and how it affected you. 

There’s the Maria story. In a nutshell a polish woman took me into her home during a snowstorm and offered me more hospitality than I would ever be able to repay. It made me wonder if I would ever have helped a stranger like that? And it made me hope to believe that I will now: https://youtu.be/xQOL6tXXoy8

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Where is your journey heading? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I really, really, really, really hope to be back home by then!! I see myself married with a child on the way. I see my first book completed and myself working as a public speaker inspiring, educating and entertaining people.

What would you say to your 5-year younger self?

“You’re not going to believe what you’ll embark on in a year and 6 months from now!!”

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How do you finance your trips and life?

The project budget of $20/day covers transport, meals, accommodation and visas. It is meant as an average over the entire journey. In some countries I’m above while in other countries I’m below. My current overall average is slightly above but so far I have covered most of the expensive countries. I see it coming down and believe that the budget will stick (more or less). It was sponsored by Ross Offshore until April 2016. Since then it has been self funded. http://www.rossoffshore.no

Do you have a daily r
outine? How does it look like?  

It depends a lot on the day. But I routinely apply for visas, follow up on emails, take pictures and update social media, meet with locals, ride on transport, meet with the Red Cross, do public speaking, visit nearby sights, do interviews…

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Tell us something about your last job, other than money, that would have inspired you to keep working there.

I’m an onsite logistics coordinator/manager and enjoy a good challenge. I do project work and they always come to an end. If the last one had been prolonged then I would probably have stayed onboard. I was offered several new projects while planing the Saga but was hooked already…had to do this. There was no way I could have stayed.

Which place is high on top your Wanted-List? Why?

The Maldives!! Because it’s the last country and then I can go home. Besides that I’m also really curious about Japan! I figure Japan in one of those countries you can’t compare with other countries and that it will great to discover it for myself! 

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What does success or being successful means to you? 

Success is to reach a goal I have set before me. To be successful is to remain happy afterwards.

Where do you feel home?

Wherever I lay my hat…

Who should we talk about his life next on the “Inspiring Travelers” interview series?

Speak to 
Charlie Uldahl Christensen www.walkingforwater.dk

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What a journey! Thanks for your time Thor and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best! See you around! Also consider donating to the Red Cross via Thor’s Website – Thanks! 

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