The world has exhilarating, beautiful and inspiring places far-flung spread across its surface. Exploring them, is one of the most fulfilling and important things you can do in your life. Not only is it essential for your education, but it teaches you important life lessons as well.

This does not mean only travelling to gorgeous beaches and swimming in tropical waters. You should also go to  Third World Countries or generally poor places, where living standards have dropped to unimaginable lows. Seeing poverty and agony with your own eyes can be an eye-opening lesson.


While there are negative aspects of travelling, such as the hours spent on airplanes, waiting at bus stations or desperately looking for a place to stay in an unknown city, somehow our mind has a way of forgetting these experiences. After time passes, you will only remember the positive experiences, while the negative ones fade.

Travelling is something everyone should do more extensively. It broadens your horizon, shows you different ways of life, gives you the chance to be more open-minded, seek new experiences, make lifelong friendships and much more. There are simply too many reasons on why you should travel.

Personally, I am convinced that travelling has made me a better person in every possible way. Not only has it taught me various things about new countries and their cultures, but I have also learned a lot about myself. Thus, travel is the best thing anyone can do to enrich his or her life.

I have made travel a priority in my life. It does not mean, that I want to spend every other day on an airplane and jet from one place to another, but that I want my life to be a journey. A journey that is not predictable, to a certain degree.

A few years back I moved to Cambodia to work with a NGO. From my base in Phnom Penh I have traveled all over South East Asia and had the most incredible life and friends. This was the starting point of my travel life and where I realised I need to live a (semi)-nomadic life. I have never really settled back in Vienna, without immediately longing for the unknown again.

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I felt it for some time now and never said it out loud: It’s time to move again. It’s a plan in the making, but I will have a new base next year. It’s a place, where I can further pursue my all 196 countries quest easily, have an ocean in walking distance, sunsets every day and most importantly an incredible creative scene I’ll be a part of.

So this is how travel has changed my life. It made me aware, that real life experiences matter more than material possessions and we should live life.

Society tells us to get a degree, then a job, then a mortgage for a house, then a family and so on. A nice idea, and I want that house for my family too. But, I like my life to be more. This is not me running away, this is just me pursueing life.