Air fares tend to get really low these days and some might wonder how airlines like Ryanair earn money. Recently I saw fares, where I thought these dumping prices are ridiculous. In the past, during trips to London and Stockholm I had problems and swore myself to never fly with them again, but I thought I might as well just try again, so I booked 30 euros roundtrip flights to Brussels.


Brussels Charleroi Airport

The overall flying experience is okay. There are no drink or food service, plastic seats and no entertainment during the flight, but that’s fine, you don’t expect that on such a low fare flight. They try to squeeze 1 or 2 euros more out of each passenger by selling drinks, duty free stuff and lately they even offer a lottery game, where you can buy one entry for 2 euros and can win a million euro. But I’m pretty sure that’s a scam.


Grand Place in Brussels

Victoria and me made it to the city around midnight and checked in at the amazing BLOOM Hotel, that has spacious rooms and a creative design bar and even a rooftop fitness centre. It is very conveniently located, the Grand Place and the city centre is only a short walking distance.
If you go to Belgium you can’t miss out on their beers. There are literally hundreds of different local beers with very diverse tastes. We definitely took ‘try local beers’ to another level and tried almost all of them, my headache on the next morning confirmed just that. The easiest way to try out is ordering a tasting plate at a bar, where you get 5-10 different beers per round. Make sure you have no early plans the following day though.


Local beers everywhere

But it’s not just beer that makes you want to go to Belgium every weekend. Belgian waffles are the best dessert I had. It’s that good! To give you an idea – soft Belgian waffles with hot chocolate sauce, pieces of strawberries and kiwis, topped with whipped cream! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Small chocolate boutiques and waffle stores are on every corner and that’s the best part, you find all the delicious waffle, fruit and syrup combinations all around town.


Best dessert ever – Period!

The most iconic site in Brussels is the famous Atomium. A site created for the 1958 World Fair in Brussels. It is a little outside of town, but impressive and worth taking a look. It is the only site that is a bit outside of the city, but all other major sites are walking distance in the city centre. Brussels has a lot of beautiful brick buildings and also modern high buildings. So it’s a nice place to walk around, eat a lot and enjoy all kind of different beers.


The iconic Atomium

I’m definitely looking forward to coming back to Belgium this summer for the crazy Tomorrowland Festival and check out other cool belgian cities like Antwerp or Gent and of course eat a lot more frits, waffles and try the rest of the Belgian beers.